American Health Care Program Overview


Enhance policy maker, media and general public awareness and understanding of: • the challenges and opportunities facing the American health care system;
• the pervasive, interactive relationship between the American health care economy and the nation’s overall economy;
• fiscal responsibility and the management of the health care system.

The expert briefings will be structured around specific core messages, including:
• The organizational, fiscal and management challenges facing American health care are real, systemic and urgent.
• The health care economy is so large and pervasive that all decisions made about the system will affect expenditures and lives in every other major economic sector in every community and state across the country.
• Understanding and addressing the challenges and opportunities requires more and better information than is currently informing and defining the search for answers.
• Actuarial science and discipline provide a critical expert pathway to the information needed.
• There is a robust, credible and accessible collaboration amongst the CAG, the CRFB, and others ready and willing to provide the additional information required.

Recent events suggest that important national discussions about critical, complex issues such as health care, immigration, national debt, infrastructure and tax reform are not producing the political consensus required to take much needed action. We are failing to achieve consensus, we believe, not because we cannot agree, but because opinion leaders, decision makers and the people they represent do not have enough accurate, relevant, user-friendly information to discover the points of agreement that could lead us to the solutions we must find. American Health Care… is dedicated to addressing this need by developing, producing, packaging and distributing expert presentations to policy makers, opinion leaders, members of the media and the general public.

Programming Elements
Expert Briefings: Three initial expert briefings will focus on the American health care economy, including: 1) Big Numbers - a presentation on the size and nature of the health care economy and how it affects the federal budget and deficit; 2) Big Benefits - a look at how the management of health care delivery and finances affects the costs, availability and quality of health care; and 3) Who Pays - an analysis of who charges what, who pays for what and why that makes a difference.

American Health Care and the Federal Budget - A CRFB Assessment: The CRFB will prepare an analysis of how the American health care economy affects the federal budget decisions making process and the outcomes of that process.

Executive and Expert Roundtable Discussions: The CRFB and CAG collaboration hopes to co-host two major events in Washington D.C. at which fiscal experts, health care providers, insurers, patient advocates, regulators and policy makers will discuss the value, advisability and feasibility of recasting the health care policy conversation in America. The first of these roundtable discussions would interact with earlier presentations in an effort to agree on a “Diagnosis” of America’s current health care challenges and opportunities. The second would pick up from the “Diagnosis” discussion and focus on developing a “Prognosis” dedicated to prioritizing needs, opportunities and identifying possible policy, financial and delivery pathways.

Executive Briefing Opportunities: The CRFB and CAG collaboration will also, to the extent practical, facilitate executive briefings on the information presented and gathered for executives, policy makers and other interested parties.

Multi-Media Formatting: The expert briefings will be accessible digitally on both the CRFB’s and the CAG’s websites as videos. The material presented in the briefings will also be made available as pdf articles.The CRFB Federal Budget Assessment will be available digitally as a pdf. The roundtable discussions will be taped and made available on both websites. Audience Awareness The CRFB and the CAG will undertake a joint marketing effort to achieve maximum awareness on the part of their members, elected officials and their staff, policy makers and their staff, the major print and broadcast news outlets.

Time Line
Expert Briefings
• Big Numbers - Week of May 14, 2018
• Big Benefits - Week of May 21, 2018
• Who Pays - Week of May 28 2018

• CRFB Federal Budget Assessment - Week of May 14, 2018

• Roundtable Discussions
• Diagnosis: August 2018 (Tentative) Prognosis: October 2018 (Tentative)