American Health Care 2021 - Now What? Discussion 1:CONTEXT

Wednesday, Aug 25 165

There is a better way to do design and manage America’s health care.

The current health care decision-making process in the United States, while well-intentioned, focuses narrowly on “cost” and “coverage” and, as a result leads to unintended, but demonstrably devastating consequences for other parts of the health care system such as access, quality, general health status of the population and the general economy.

Members of the Concerned Actuaries Group, a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving public awareness and understanding of the nation’s social insurance programs, have talked amongst ourselves and with others from a variety of disciplines and careers about the need to improve the decision-making process and how we might go about tackling that challenge. In light of the added pressure the COVID-19 pandemic has put on the system, we concluded there would be value in sharing our conversations and observations with thought leaders across the country. To that end, we have produced a series of conversations entitled, American Health Care 2021 - Now What?


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